My name is Malgorzata Malkowska, though you may know me as Gosia.
I have a Bachelor's in Communication, with a minor in Theatre, and interned at Higgins Armory Museum during my senior year. This blog was a way to keep track of my internship, including journal entries, examples of my work, and any other interesting thoughts about the experience.
Why Higgins? I found out about the internship opening through my school's internship fair. When I saw someone set a helmet on the table it drew me in right away. It turned out to be a marketing position with some opportunities for design and photography, which are two things I have focused on at college. I also enjoy learning about other cultures and time periods (including their fashion, weaponry, and architecture).
Although I have completed the internship, I hope to continue supporting the Museum as a volunteer. This blog may update occasionally with these volunteer experiences.