Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beginning

I started my internship on the 20th, a few days later than expected due to snow. On the first day, I got the chance to tour the collection and hear some interesting stories about the Museum's construction. On the second, I was able to participate in a large marketing meeting. I won't get into details, but everyone came up with a lot of good ideas for getting the Museum's name out there. These two days were a perfect way for me to learn more about the Museum, see how the staff interacts and get to know everyone better.
After some computer issues were finally solved the third day, I began working on event information and a marketing matrix the Museum uses.
Although this is a regular office environment, I have to admit it can be a little unreal. Imagine waiting outside an office, seeing a man in a full suit of armor walk by, and not even thinking it's strange.
I'm definitely looking forward to working with everyone at the Higgins and to all the Museum's events - including Viking Invasion this Saturday.

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