Saturday, February 5, 2011

Viking Invasion!

On Saturday the 29th, Vikings invaded Higgins Armory!
My assignment was to photograph the day's events.
These included:
Viking games in the Great Hall
Making your own shield and rune necklace

A presentation by a Norse woman about her life and family
A combat demonstration
A sword & shield and axe workshop
A discussion and demonstration of weapons and fighting techniques
(Higgins' resident Viking Bill Short)
and A raffle for a Viking board game (the lucky winners!)

This was my first time photographing at the Museum, and I admit there were some challenges. For example, the different areas of the building (classroom, auditorium, practice room, and Great Hall) all have very different lighting. Shooting in the Great Hall was particularly difficult because it is very large (as the name implies) and relatively dark. On the other hand, the practice room has a wall of windows which gives plenty of light but also made backlighting a concern. I am happy with several shots though and hope others enjoy them as well, plus now I know what to expect next time.

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