Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week of February 28th

I realize I haven't said much about what I've been doing at the Museum on a daily basis. I've also been thinking I could do more in the time that I'm there each week. Of course after I thought that, I had plenty to do. Here are some of the things I worked on this week:

Scimitars to Samurai: Armor Goes Global is a new exhibit opening this Saturday. There is also a reception during the week (by invitation). Joanne, who deals with event rentals and organizing some Museum events, asked me to find songs from the countries represented in the exhibit to use as background music for this reception. Looking for traditional music from each country (that was actually available on itunes) was pretty interesting. I ended up with African drum music and some Persian songs. (Joanne had some from Japan already, and Suzanne added a bit from India, I believe).
This is one piece Joanne and I enjoyed: Babatunde Olatunji - Drums of Passion

Libbie (PR, memberships, etc.) also had a task for me. She had a stack of a few dozen letters concerning donations. These need to be looked through and entered into a spreadsheet to make the contact and donation information in them more manageable. This is a pretty large task, which I will continue next week.

While I was working on the spreadsheet, Suzanne informed us that some images had been copied without citing the sources, and the curatorial department could use help looking through books to find the originals. I was asked to help, but unfortunately could not since it was the end of my day. Hopefully the images have been or will be found soon.

Finally to finish the week, I will be photographing the exhibit opening with my friend Chris Hoey, who is volunteering his photography. There will be some cultural presentations going on during the day we'll be sure to capture, including Japanese sword technique presentations. It should be a great time!

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