Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robin Hood Day

This past Saturday was Robin Hood Day at Higgins. All the guests I talked to said they had a great time, and the staff/volunteers did a wonderful job acting out the story of Robin Hood all day. I was there to shoot some photos, although I didn't get as many as I would have liked. Nevertheless, here are a couple to provide a glimpse into the day:

The Sheriff of Nottingham wasn't too happy with Robin's antics during Prince John's retelling of the Robin Hood story.
Quite a few of the Merry Men and citizens of Nottingham got together for the Sherwood Sing-a-long, including Robin himself (center), Maid Marian, and the captured Prince John (far left).
These young ladies joined in on the fun too:

Looks like Robin's been spotted up on the 4th floor!

The Merry Men in training got a chance to practice some quarterstaff combat:
All day visitors could pick up a hat in the Great Hall and make a shield in the classroom. Looks to me like all this little lady needs is a sword and she's ready to fight!

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